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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Bottle Of Wine (sort of) For You

June 16, 2010
Well, good morning. Or should I say Good Almost Afternoon? No, I didn't just get up, but I have been busy catching up on my daily blog readings, email and such. Miss Tootsie and I are being quite lazy here. Moo has gone to the Cape, and it's really very quiet here.

Miss Tootsie's doctor called yesterday, and is a bit concerned with the results of Tootsie's last blood tests. So next week, she has to go back for another blood test and a general check up. I'm hoping they will not want to do more of the accelerated chemo. The last time they tried this, I finally stopped it because it seemed to be wearing my Tootsie down.

I am a firm believer of trying to extend someone's life, but only if it has some quality to it. I honestly feel that Tootsie's life has had a lot of quality to date. Granted, there have been some rough spots, but on the whole I believe I have been doing the right thing. She is seven now, and I am grateful for these extra years.

Speaking of Tootsie, she is sprawled out here on the carpet enjoying a cooling breeze from the overhead fan, and most likely dreaming of what's for lunch. And speaking of lunch, I need to be thinking of what to cook for our supper later today. Moo thawed out hamburg before he left, and got us a watermelon. Hmmm, maybe some rice and veggies to go with it? Sounds like a plan.
I have some photos to share with you today. This first flower is very pretty, but I don't know its name. I will have to get out my wildflower book and look it up. It looks like Evening Primrose, so if any of you know what it is for sure, let me know.

Remember that gorgeous Beauty Bush that I showed you a while back? The huge one in the front yard where I work? Well, most of the flowers have gone by now, and this is what it is covered with now. The whole bush is covered with lots of fuzzy pods and millions of teeny weeny hairs. It's still quite pretty in a weird sort of way.
And now, last but not least, I have for those of you who enjoy a glass of wine now and then, a sprig of wine in the making. That is, if the birds leave any for you. LOL.
Well, on that note, I think I shall get dressed now and forage through the refrigerator to see what can be for lunch. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Snowraven aka Silke said...

It would be helpful to see the leaves more clearly , but the flower could also be Tormentil from the Rose family, or Marsh Marigold from the Buttercup family, the flower itself looks similar to any of those, but as I said, without seeing the leaves clearly I could not say for certain.Maybe that helps a bit.