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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yummy!! Orange Chicken, Chinese Style

November 24, 2009

Miss Tootsie and I have been up for a few hours now. I took a nap yesterday, and fell asleep early last evening while watching some TV, and that killed any sleep that I might gotten during the night. One of these days, I just might learn not to lie down while I watch television!!

I can't really say what the weather will be like today. So far, it's rather wet and gloomy looking outside my window. This is the kind of day where I like to stay indoors in my jammies all day. But Tootsie and I have to go out to her chemo appointments, so no jammies today.

Yesterday, we got in the car to go for her morning chemo appointment and Oh Boy! The car was making nasty whining noises, and there was a drip trail on the ground from the night before. So we immediately drove to the garage and left the car there for repairs. Thank goodness Moo was up because he came to get us and drove us to the hospital. Later in the afternoon, I picked up my car and handed over a big bunch of money. The power steering hoses had let go and had to be replaced. Yup! We need this!

Remember the laptop bed table I told you I bought? Well I took it out of the box to check it out, and what a nice surprise. The part of the table top where the laptop sits can be raised to several different heights. Very nice indeed. Naturally, I took a photo of it to share.

Wayne stopped by last night, just before supper to see if he could figure out why my internet connection was not working on the laptop. After an hour of fiddling with everything on the laptop and doing research online (on the PC), he finally managed to get it working. We're not quite sure what he did that made it work, but as long as it's working, I'm a happy little camper.
After that, Moo ordered us some Chinese take out for supper. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!! I had one of my favorites, Orange Chicken, along with some other good stuff. I tried, but I could not finish it all, so I will be having it for supper tonight too. I can dig it!! Of course, I took a photo of this marvelous meal to show you. Snowy, 00000h, yum, yum, yum!!! (I'll think of you tonight when I finish off the rest of this delightful meal.)

Well, it is now the bewitching hour, when Miss Tootsie and I have to get dressed and leave for her appointment. Y'all have a marvelous day now.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Snowraven aka Silke said...

Lol- you had to do that, didn't you??? I'm home from work but too tired to do anything, and now you are making me hungry on top of that !Ah well- we had Chicken Chow Mein yesterday. Grey and wet weather here as well, and I will take a nap in a bit. Back to late shift and my usual time -yippieeee ! That laptop table looks really practical.