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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Is Off To A Cool Start

June 23, 2009

Not too keen on this summer weather so far. Today is another gray, damp day, and a bit on the cool side. The flowers don't seem to be faring too well, there's just not enough sunshine for them. However, the grass is very green, and the fields are filled with tall grasses. So that's the plus side of this gray weather.

Little by little, I have been catching up on the challenges at Magickal Scraps. Plus, I started the November Daily Downloads. I want to have as much playtime open as I can for when Snowy gets here in October. Audrey will be here too for about a week, so I want to have a lot of playtime to enjoy this visit.

I have been wracking my brain all day trying to come up with a word for the "Q" challenge next month. I think "x" and "z" are going to be a problem too. So if you have any ideas that I might be able to use, please let me know.

In a little while, Miss Tootsie and I will have to start back to the hospital for the last chemo treatment of this round. This morning she also had to have blood work done. We're beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel for her. It will be a day for celebrating when it gets here, because we never expected it to come at all.

Today, I think I will share my layout for the Template challenge. Snow Raven supplied the template, and a friend supplied the cartoon and the words of wisdom. This one fit me to a "T" and was sheer fun to work on. I hope you like it.

Time for me to do a little bit of housework now. Specifically, a sink full of dirty dishes. Not my idea of fun, but it does have to be done. Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Template Challenge - June 09

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Snowy said...

ROFL-love it !!! this layout is brilliant !!!