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Monday, June 15, 2009

New CU Kit

June 15, 2009

Today was a great day. I had me a great, fantastic, refreshing nap! After that, I managed to finish and wrap up my first CU Background Overlays kit which will be in the store in July. However, if you want it free, you will have to scoot on over to Magickal Scraps forum and take part in the Inspiration Challenge. Overlays are in grayscale and PNG format.

Then I had to mosey on over to another forum that I belong to and read all the ruckus that is going on there. This forum is mostly for Photoshop and Photography. However, it seems that there are to be changes to the challenges, and Admin has chosen to speak quite unkindly to some of the valued and loyal members when they have responded with comments. Oh dear. I hope we don't lost some of our valued members because of this.

Back here, tonight was pizza night (because I am too lazy to cook tonight), and Tootsie has once again turned her beautiful little nose up at her doggie dinner - doggie porterhouse flavored stuff. Instead, she has eaten her kibbles (dry Beneful doggie food) and is probably still hungry. Oh well, I tried.

If any of you has a list of foods (specific brands and items) of foods that Celiacs can eat, (no gluten or wheat) could you please send it to me at My little great grandson has celiac desease and has hopes of growing big and strong so that he can play for the Red Sox one day. This list will help me to help him, so thank you in advance.

I'm off now to play on my pc. Y'all have a fantastic night.

Hugs, Edna B.

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smiekeltje said...

Already saw the pack on the forum and I think it's a great job!! Congrats on your first CU pack!!
Sorry, I won;t be of great help for the list of food.
And Tootsie? Well, she's probably like my cats. Suddenly they dont like their food, so they o in a kind of strike and only eat the dry one. After a little while it's back to normal again. Guess the pets are like us. We also don;t like all the food at any time. LOL