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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm Just A Smiling Mess

June 25, 2009

I spoke too soon yesterday. By noon, the sun had gone into hiding and the gray, damp stuff came back. Looks a bit gray today too. However, by sometime later this month, we'll probably be complaining about the heat and humidity. The weatherman can't win.

Today, I have an appointment with orthopedic doctor and hopefully, will find out what's been causing the pain in my feet. I do some exercises, and still wear the little Dr Scholl things in my shoes. They really do seem to help quite a bit.

Poor Miss Tootsie knows I'm going out without her, and is getting quite anxious. She's been sticking right to my side all day. Maybe I'll give her an extra treat to soothe her. That usually puts a nice little smile on her face. (You can't see the smile, but I know it's there.)

**********Gone to keep my appointment.

On the way to my appointment, it was wonderfully warm, and SUNNY. Although the sun didn't stay out too long, it sure was nice to see it. Just a little thing like that can brighten up a person's whole day, and personality.

As for my medical news, it seems I will live to see another day. Whenever I take my little lady's blood pressure, she asks me "Am I going to see another day?" Yes ma'am, you certainly are. And me too. It seems that all my foot problems are because of my spinal disc degeneration and nerve damage. I also have cervical disc degeneration.

So all told, I'm just a little mess here a'fallin apart. BUT, I have too much to do, and cannot waste precious time dwelling on these things. Like I told my doctor, every morning that Tootsie and I wake up is a good day, thank you, and today is a good day.

Enough of my rattling. Before I leave you to play on my PC, I want to remind you that the 33% sale of Magickal Scraps is on for just two more days. And don't forget my "Petals" kit. All the proceeds from this kit go to help keeping Magickal Scraps running. So please, if you like it, buy it, and we thank you for your support. Y'all have a great day.'

Hugs, Edna B.


And here's a photo of a little squirrel trying to get into one of the birdfeeders and out of the pouring rain. Enjoy.

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Snowraven said...

I'm a mess as well ,lol- but as long as we can still smile everything is ok.
Hugs Snowy