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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Simply Gorgeous Day

April 26, 2009

Thanks to be, another gorgeous day outside. This morning as I was leaving work, I saw a huge bird in a tree across the street, and tried to get a couple pictures. It was a great big brown hawk, and of course, it wasn't in the mood to be posing for me. The best I could come up with, was a rather pleasant silhouette.

This morning, my Tootsie is spooked about something outside our windows. She was growling and barking at it for a while. Now she is just sitting in the living room, looking up at the windows, waiting for whatever it is to show it's face. Poor little thing, I haven't a clue what it is out there that's bothering her. Maybe a ghost?

Maybe she'll feel better after a nap, which is where we will be heading shortly. Need to get a bit of sleep - tonight's another work night. Hopefully the deer will be out romping in the field across the street from work tonight. I really enjoy watching them when they are being playful.

An awful thought, but what will we do when they are gone? When man has finished using up all the wooded land and chased out or killed off all of these beautiful creatures? Hopefully, enough of today's children will be care enough to turn things around - to undo the damage their parents and grandparents did to the land.

Philosophically speaking (Snowy, that's a great $20 word for you), oh my, now I've gone and lost my train of thought. I just had to slip in that word thing, and it messed up my thought process). Another wonderful part of the "Golden" years - very fragile thought processes. Gosh, everything about me is becoming "fragile." Oh well, enough for today. We are going in for our nap, and y'all need to get outside and have a fantastic day.

Hugs, Edna B.


suruha said...

I'm with you, Edna. Nap time! LOL It is a gorgeous day, here, too. There is a really nice breeze blowing.

We are truly blessed. I tried to tech my children no to waste resources, let living things live, and other energy-saving help. They will inherit our planet. I guess because the "ecology" was another one of my 'causes' when younger, it came easily to teach the children.

Hopefully, there will be enough earth left for their children.

Have a terrific afternoon.


Snowraven said...

Lol -thanks for another word ! And I agree with you and Su - hopefully they will know better in the future.